My Fascination with Sovereign Citizens

I have dealt with and represented people that are part of the sovereign citizen movement. Its fascinating and their ideas about the law and living in the United States are quite radical.

My introduction to the sovereign citizen’s movement first came about many years ago while I was working at a law firm doing immigration, bankruptcy and IRS tax resolution. The two most memorable and eye opening experiences involved a person who wanted help with immigration issues and the other person was an ardent tax protester. Both people were highly intelligent and lucid.

Neither person became a client because the attorney owner of the firm did not want to expose himself in anyway. This stuff is serious and has dire consequences.

The person, who was not a client, and who wanted help with immigration issues was involved with the Pembina Little Shell Indian Tribe. He gave me lots of information regarding it and I read it all and searched more about it on my own.

The Little Shell claim to be exempt from any U.S. laws based on a treaty they have with President Abraham Lincoln. Because of this they claim that they can issue their own ID cards, driver’s licenses, birth certificates, etc.

A person could become a member of the Little Shell Tribe by merely paying a membership fee. Once paid, you are now supposedly exempt from any U.S. law.

The second person, who was not a client, introduced me to the tax protester movement. He gave me a ten cd set on the movement. I still have the set and occasionally listen to it.

I group both the tax protestor and Little Shell member into the sovereign citizen movement because they espouse the same thing; exemption from U.S. law as it is currently interpreted.

Because of my involvement with IRS tax resolution, I get tax protesters calling me for help. The arguments they present aren’t going to hold up, no matter how fervently they believe them.

I like helping people get out of trouble and stay out of trouble, especially this group. Sovereign citizens, for the most part, are well intended, they are just misguided.

A side note: I like the symbol that they use and is posted above. It is an ages old Grateful Dead skull from the Steal Your Face album cover that they co-opted and now claim rights to it under UCC 1-1308. This sums up their philosophy.