Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts

I believe everyone should have an estate plan. And the reason is no matter what your best intentions are to take care of your family, they rarely ever see it the same way you do.

The only thing the Court has to go on is your last will and testament. This is formalized intent about how you want your material possessions to be distributed.

But there is another more important aspect of planning your estate. And that is getting a living will and power of attorney.

If you get sick or hurt in some way so that you can’t make decisions for yourself, you want a document in place that will let hospitals and doctors know what you want. The decisions abut your life should remain in your control as much as possible.

Estate planning also includes protecting your assets while you are here enjoying them. You need to be proactive abut defending what is yours.

I suggest seeking a lawyer’s help in planning your estate. There are lot’s of legal loopholes that need to be addressed.

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