Landlord / Tenant

Landlord/ Tenant law is more commonly known as eviction law. I have represented parties on both sides; the landlord and the tenant.

This is a fast moving area of law because you are dealing with the roof over a person’s head. Both sides have rights but it has always been my opinion that the law favors the tenant in these cases.

I say that because the landlord has to jump through legal hoops to get a tenant evicted. There are statutory requirements the landlord needs to take to secure his legal position prior to filing a complaint for eviction.

The tenant, on the other hand if served with an eviction complaint, can file paperwork with the court that could keep them there for months on end while paying no rent and leaving the landlord holding the bag.

There are also greater issues if you have a third-party involved such as a home owner’s association. Typically in these cases, the eviction issues involve more that just the non-payment of rent.

Most eviction issues boil down to not paying the rent. An issue easily discoverable and dealt with.

Evictions can get complex but are solvable.

If you are a landlord or a tenant seeking help on an eviction matter or need a lease written or reviewed call me for a no-nonsense legal explanation.